The Day of the Squid – 1591

The Day of the Squid 2 is Max at his very best. The detail goes on and on. All the Burdz are at the town square to get up to some mischief. The bull fight is raging in the background and all manner of things are going on if you can spot them. Even the insects play along. The day of the Squid 2 is attributed to the squid on the bar counter.

Max has managed to capture the whole Spanish atmosphere in this cartoon. The Day of the Squid is 1 of 2 cartoons drawn for his nephew, who lives in Spain. The other cartoon id The Spanish Serenade.

These Spanish cartoons make you want to go there. Take your time to seek out the additional humour in the sideshows with the other creatures. There is just so much detail in this fabulous cartoon.

The Burdz are the brain child of Max Bullock who created them more than 40 years ago. They quickly took on clear characters and developed their own very different outlook on life. Even in the simplest of drawings Max has often added tiny little additional detail. In many drawings you will spot an insect in the corner or bird on the horizon.  These cartoons offer more humour for a later day when you eventually spot the hidden fun. The more complex cartoons offer much more hidden humour, if you can spot it all.

They reflect Max’s humour perfectly and once you spot the jokes and get on his wavelength, you will see more and more in every cartoon and see the genius in him. The Burdz were fully brought to life and each given names in his Book “The Burdz of Burdle” published by Melrose books in 2016.  His book has one of his few written stories for children and well worth a read.

Since resurrecting Max’s drawing and digitising them for his website, we found and cataloged many hundreds of lovely drawings. Many images were later coloured by his friend John Barry and printed, along with the rest of the set, for his exhibition in 2015.

Search for other cartoons by Max and enjoy his humour.