The Giant’s Demise 2227

The Giant’s Demise was originally drawn as a dark style sketch.

The his Burdz of Burdle book was being created recently it was noted that it fitted in nicely with the story. The Burdz were passing an old castle on their travels. So this image was digitally reverted back to a line drawing. Other elements were copied from some of Max’s other drawing and then it was all coloured, with mist added. See if you can spot the Giant’s Demise in the book.Image of cartoon book cover

The book contains many pictures and is a great story for children.  Reading this story gives a true insight into the lives of the Burdz.

In most of his other cartoons you will see all sorts of creatures lurking in the in bushes or among the trees. He loved to make them up and you will often see them repeated throughout his work.

Insects and bugs with exclamations, is a firm favourite. He liked to wonder how they would see our world.

The burdz were also put into all other walks of life and he found many ways to show them in humorous situations. Some of the cartoons are very detailed with so much going on it takes many views to see all the hidden jokes.

He also created a cartoon strip about a pirate named “Capt’n Jake”. This was many years ahead of its time and although originated over 50 years ago, is still very current when you read them today. There is also his abstract paintings and his sculptures, which are all available on his website. They all contribute to a lifetime of creativity.

Since resurrecting Max’s drawing and digitising them for his website, we found and cataloged many hundreds of lovely drawings.

Many images were later coloured by his friend John Barry and printed, along with the rest of the set, for his exhibition in 2015.

Search for other cartoons by Max and enjoy his humour.