Higginz Clings to a Branch

Higginz clings to a brachHigginz Clings to a Branch is an illustration shown in Chapter 1 of the Burdz of Burdle written and illustrated by Max Bullock.

Higginz Clings to a Branch was drawn by Max to illustrate his storybook. This is another illustration that Max drew for his storybook and coloured using felt pen and inks. All the colour had to be removed to get back to the pen drawing. It was then coloured to match all the other illustrations in the book.
Image of cartoon book cover

Max put the Burdz into all other walks of life. He found many ways to show them in humorous situations. Some of the cartoons are very detailed with so much going on it takes many views to see all the hidden jokes.He also created a cartoon strip about a pirate named “Captn Jake”.

Jake was many years ahead of its time. Although originated over 50 years ago, the cartoons are still very current today.

There are also his abstract paintings, his sculptures and many other artworks, which are all available on his website. They all contribute to a lifetime of creativity.

Since resurrecting Max’s drawing and digitising them for his website, we found and cataloged many hundreds of lovely drawings. Many images were later digitally coloured by his friend John Barry and printed, along with the rest of the set, for his exhibition in 2015.

He lost the use of his primary left hand a decade ago, so he was unable to draw or paint.  So with the support and encouragement from his wife Maggie he concentrated more on his sculptures and was soon able to create these small characters and paint them in the style of Max.

To watch him create these was amazing. A lump of clay quickly tuned into a creature that came to life with a few pinches and prods. Very hard to do with your favoured had but even more difficult with the wrong hand.

Search for other cartoons by Max and enjoy his humour.