Two Cowboys – 2907

Two Cowboys is an early computer generated image using his mouse and pen pad.

He used an early version of Microsoft Windows Paint and experimented with the use of his computer in the early 90’s during which time he created a number of illustrations using this new type of digital tool. Max selected pictures in magazines and using the compute mouse he drew them on the screen. This is incredibly difficult to do in the days. He later invested in a digital pen a tablet. In most his work he added colour using the Paint Brush with different brush patterns and Flood Fill Tools.  The recent colouring of his work was carried out using a much more powerful Adobe Photoshop CS. We often wonder what Max could have achieved if that software had been available to him during his creative days. I’m sure his digital work would have been even more awesome.

Humour was Max at his best and he drew hundreds of humorous cartoons and comic strips, bringing to life his very own characters, such as the Burdz and Captain Jake. The subject of music was also very close to Max’s Heart. He was a Jazz trumpeter, working the night club scene and worked as a piano tuner for many years during the day. He drew many cartoons and sketches with his characters playing some kind of musical instrument.

His other work included, landscape drawing and paintings, Abstract drawing and paintings, portraiture and sculpting. All his work has been scanned or photographed and uploaded here on his  website in the hope it inspires and amuses other artists